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A writer's dream

This writer dreams of community. It is the one thing I am most passionate about.

This writing also sees writing prompts EVERYWHERE. And I have been hoarding them for years. Hoarding or maybe just saving them.

And now I have set them free for you to use in your art and your writing. The blank page, the blank canvas is daunting. We tap out pencils or paintbrushes and tell our brains "think, think, think" and then can easily get frustrated with whatever comes or doesn't.

But Prompts Happen and I collect them for you to use. You can sign up to received 3 prompts a week for $20 a year?! That's about 38 cents a week.

But there's more to the dream. I dream of a community building up around these prompts. Each participant encouraged by the small progress they make every time they put the pen to the page, or their fingers to the keyboard, or the brush to the canvas. I dream of that community growing into a publication that encourages us to use our creative voices.

The prompts you get by text 3 times a week are just the beginning. The first step towards a larger dream. I am so excited you are here. Thank you for receiving these, thank you for creating. Thank you for using your voice. Cheers.


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